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A Winter weather system will approach from the Tennessee valley later today, The National Weather Service has issued Winter Weather Advisories and Winter Storm Warnings from Durham west.

WHAT: This morning we have had some light sleet across the Sandhills that should end later this morning. High pressure will build down the eastern seaboard through tonight providing a source of cold dry air influx into our Piedmont damming region. By later this evening wintery precipitation will start to impact the western areas and the northern areas along the VA line. This is favorable pattern for a winter storm for our state but not the way this storm is coming from; however, it appears the significant precipitation will arrive Tuesday night and Wednesday, after the warming aloft will be well underway. As the precipitation becomes more widespread in the western and northern Piedmont into the foothills and mountains by nightfall or during the evening, the temperatures are expected to fall to around or slightly below 32 in much of the areas. A light accumulation of ice may cause treacherous road conditions especially on elevated surfaces Tuesday overnight into Wednesday morning. The best chance of freezing rain will be from i85 west, see the map below. The Raleigh area will see a quick shot of freezing rain or light sleet. East of Raleigh will remain all rain, Even if temperatures are slow to rise above 32 (which it may be 18z or so in the piedmont and foothills ), the freezing rain accrual will become self limiting as warming aloft leads to warmer rain falling to the surface, and the supply of cold dry air into the damming region will have been cut off.

HOW MUCH? Freezing rain accumulation should not be all that much, a light glaze is possible in the pink areas mostly on elevated surfaces. Light blue areas from Greensboro north and west will see a thicker build up of ice, up to a quarter of an inch of ice is possible. Not expecting power outages other than a few isolated.


-Light Sleet this morning from Charlotte to the Sandhills

-Rain showers possible through mid afternoon

-Wintery precip starts across the foothills and mountains early this evening

-Freezing rain and light snow spreads east to about Raleigh 9-10PM

-Raleigh east stays rain

-Freezing rain continues through the overnight hours, into early morning

-Wed AM isolated hazardous conditions possible Durham west

Bottom- Line: A low to moderate impact winter weather event will impact parts of the state this evening into Wednesday AM, watch for icy porches, ice on bridges and elevated areas Wed AM. The winter weather will end by mid-morning and change to a very cold rain for the afternoon and evening. Stay tuned for updates should something change, if you have any questions please message the Facebook page!


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