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About Us

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Our Story

North Carolina's Weather Authority was created by Ethan Clark when he was in 7th grade. Driven by a passion and immense interest in weather, he saw this as a great opportunity to learn more about weather and serve the people of North Carolina. Since its creation in 2016, North Carolina's Weather Authority has built a large following and is quickly approaching 350,000 followers from all 100 counties in North Carolina!​

Meet The Team

What's Next?

Don't worry, this page is not going anywhere. Ethan, Caden and Hugh will continue to work hard to provide forecasts and in-depth coverage of weather events as they occur. In addition, Hugh will be starting a new series called "North Carolina's Weather Authority Archive", allowing you to look back on North Carolina's weather. We look forward to continuing what we do best - providing in-depth and hype-free forecasting!

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