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WINTER STORM UPDATE: Significant icing expected We are now less than 24 hours from the start the high country has already seen a nice dusting of snow this morning. The main threat with this system will be significant ice accrual, if you live from the Triad (Greensboro- Winston Salem area west into the foothills or eastern mountains, today would a great time to prepare for power outages.

Most if not all the impacts from this winter storm will be from Durham and points west, Raleigh and points east will see a cold rain with some mixing in and around Raleigh. Significant accumulation of freezing rain is a real concern, just a thin coating of ice can result in a travel nightmare. Heavier amounts .25+ can damage trees and result in power outages. An ice glaze is likely in areas in the pink on the map below, Charlotte, Durham, Roxboro, Boone, Murphy etc. This should not cause power outages but travel could be tricky Sunday morning before changing to rain.

The real concern of where ice will fall is in the purple, 1/4, 1/2 (.25-.50") of ice accrual. Areas impacted are all of Piedmont, Triad (Greensboro, Winston Salem) Hickory, and Asheville areas. This is known as a Disruptive ice storm with amounts at or greater of .25" of ice, trees and power lines start to sag and or break. Power outages are definitely a concern, you should be prepared for power outages.

MAP: Below is our second call snowfall map, sorry snow lovers this time around snowfall is going to be very light don't worry we have plenty of winter left.

Gray: (Trace-.50") Here light snow will fall Saturday overnight before changing over to sleet and ice

Light Blue: (1-2") Here expect some snow to fall overnight on Saturday most likely 1-2" of snow, before changing over to sleet and freezing rain. Areas are the Foothills, Yadkin Valley, and into Asheville

Blue: (2-3") The lower elevations mountains below 2,500ft into the foothills, a light to moderate snowfall mixed with sleet is expected. Freezing rain will also mix in at some point on Sunday.

Purple (3-4") The real winners for this snowstorm, a nice snowfall will fall in areas above 3,000ft including the High Country (Boone, Blowing Rock, Elk, Todd areas) some sleet and freezing rain could mix in.

Pink (4+) A very small part of the state above 5,000ft could see upwards of 4-6", that is the ski resorts and high Smokies and Appalachians.

Will be watching the trends among short range models to see where the ice will set up the worse, should things change will notify immediately. Stay tuned for more updates, if you have any questions message or comment on the page. Thanks again for the support and stay safe.


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