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Mother nature has spoiled us the past few day, with warm and sunny weather well that's all about to change. A cold front has moved through the state dramatically dropping the temperatures into the 40s and 50s. I am also monitoring the potential for a strong coastal low to strengthen and move along the coast. Find out more below!


This is no April Fool's joke! Temperatures are going to be 20-30 degrees below normal on Monday and Tuesday, with highs only reaching the 50s and lows in the low to mid 30s and 20s. I am expecting a chance for a freeze tonight, and possibly again on Tuesday night across central and western parts of the state. Here's a look at the forecasted lows tonight:

This not uncommon for April normally we see one round of cold weather before the warm weather stays!


A greater concern for me will be a deepening low pressure system along the coast (coastal low) on Tuesday. Models remain very uncertain of the exact track of the low, How far inland or how far from the coast does it track? Right now I am expecting heavy rain to spread inland along parts of eastern NC, bringing up to an inch of rain and gusty winds especially on the beaches. Additionally, due to the strength and position of the low pressure system I am expecting coastal flooding along the Outer Banks. Stay tuned for updates regarding that tomorrow! Here's a look at the scenarios for Tuesday.

Scenario 1: As predicted by the NAM model the coastal low strengths along our coastline bringing gusty winds, heavy rain, coastal flooding, and winter weather (possible) to the western Piedmont. The short range models have done poorly forecasting over the past few months, thus I don't have any respect for this solution. Some pages have been trying to hype a chance of accumulating snow over the western part of the state for days now, this is the only model with any of a chance and it's not a big at all. Sorry snow lovers don't get your hopes up, you will likely have to wait until next year! Below is a look at the NAM solution!

Scenario 2: The GFS and Euro solutions have a weaker low pressure system with some light to moderate rain along the coast to just inland.

Bottom Line: While both solutions are in play, I am leading more toward the Scenario 2 at this time.

WARMER TIMES AHEAD: Now for some good news! After we get through Tuesday all sighs points toward a SPRING pattern, we can finally see prolong days of warm weather starting Wednesday!

Stay tuned for updates tomorrow and beyond, if you have any questions please message us on the Facebook page not website!



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