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Imagine seeing a snowflake icon on your weather app when you wake, then 1 hour later, it is gone. Why, when you look at your weather app, is it so dramatically different than your local news or weather page.

Here's the answer in the 21st century of the weather world, most phone weather apps are not edited by a human they are just taken based on one model. There are many bad things to these models run on average every 6 hours one model run could have a significant snowstorm while another will have nothing. When your phone app pulls the data, it sees that and, without looking at weather data or other models, it inputs that into the forecast.

Human Edited Forecasts: When you see your local news, read the National Weather Service, and or read my personal forecast, you see a human-made forecast with knowledge of the local area. Most news stations and weather pages, For example, North Carolina's Weather Authority and WRAL (just two examples), we all take data from the main weather models European, GFS, NAM, and CMC. Create a weather forecast based on that, and it's ensembles and the climatology of the area. From here, we can watch trends in the models, and only provide the most accurate information, not changing every hour.

Bottom Line: Your phone apps such as The Weather Channel or just the built-in iPhone app is not reliable. So if you see a snow icon don't get your hopes up until the human edited forecasts start to show that.

Stay with North Carolina's Weather Authority for hype-free accurate weather forecasting.



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