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If you were sick of the rain last year, then you're not going to like the next two weeks at least. The next two days will be dry and quiet Valentine's Day will be very nice and sunny a great day to be outside.

Friday will be the warmest day of the next few with highs in the mid and upper 60s state wide.

Here's a look at Thursday's forecast.

WET, WET and Wetter: This weekend through next weekend will be extremely wet and cloudy with very little sunshine. The Atlantic Ridge (which is what brings the warm and humid weather during the summer defiantly signs that spring is coming) this will set up the perfect pattern for a train of storm systems to move through NC over the next week. The ridge will also send winter weather north, while storm systems will get stuck over the southeast bringing rounds of rain.

We will see impressive rainfall totals over the next 8-10 days, here's a look at the GFS rainfall predictions ending next Saturday.


Between Saturday and next Friday we could see 3-6" of rain, while flash Flooding is not expected grounds will start to become saturated. If this pattern continues Flooding problems will start.

Starting Saturday through all of Next week expect lots of cloudy and rainy days

WINTER WEATHER: Earlier in the week some news channels and pages were hinting at the possibility of Winter weather beginning of next week. Well, like I have said all winter the models have been showing snow for the next week has it happened no. Not expecting any winter weather Monday or Tuesday at this time.

Thank you for choosing North Carolina's Weather Authority, I hope the forecasts help you if you have any questions please message on the Facebook page!



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