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Last day of fall will role out like a lion tomorrow, severe weather and heavy rainfall is expected. A powerful storm system will move through NC on Thursday, heavy rain is expected in the afternoon and evening. The potential for damaging winds and a isolated tornado is possible along the coast and eastern NC, where a warmer and moist airmass is in place

Below is a look at the severe risk and threats

Timing: Afternoon and evening hours.

WHAT: A developing low pressure system will bring Heavy rains will occur Thursday into Friday, with 1 to 4 inches of rainfall expected to bring the threat of flooding for low lying/poor drainage areas. Strong winds are expected along the immediate coast Thursday night into Friday along with the threat of severe thunderstorms in the coastal counties Thursday night into Friday morning. Wroth noting winds will be very gusty tomorrow from Greensboro and points east 30-40mph gusts outside storms..

Stay tuned for more updates in the morning!


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