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Well the news that no one wants to hear, a MAJOR ice storm is expected for some parts of NC tonight.

All signs point toward a major ice storm for parts of the Piedmont, Yadkin Valley, and northern mountains( High Country). My forecast has been pretty consistent for the past few days, have updated the ICE map this afternoon to help everyone better understand everything. Some snow and sleet is possible through the afternoon and evening, expecting everything to change to freezing rain by later evening. Freezing rain could add up very quickly. Just a thin coating of ice will cause major travel problems.

FORECAST: Based on the current short-range and medium-range models have adjusted some, also something to note models do very bad with ice events. -PINK: Light glaze of ice accrual up to .10" (1/10") this is from Roxboro, Durham, Charlotte, and Murphy. You will only see problems with roads early Sunday before it should get better. -DARKISH BLUE: Ice amounts higher glaze to .25" (1/4") right at the critical point, some areas Asheville, Asheboro, Franklin, Columbus, and Newland. Basically foothills, mountain, and southern Piedmont. Should not see huge power outages some weaken trees will come down. -PURPLE: Major ice storm expected here, ICE accrual up to .50" (1/2") this will lead to widespread power outages and down trees. Areas affected: Piedmont, Yadkin Valley, and northern mountains. Greensboro, Winston Salem, Wilkesboro, Reidsville, Lexington, Hickory, Boone, Todd, and Elkin

What's the difference between each type.

MPACTS: Expect power outages especially where ice amounts approach.50" - Roads are very hazardous - Downed trees -Power outages more than one day

More updates to come later this evening as we follow trends, please stay safe and be prepared for power outages if you are in the Purple area.



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