• ncwxauthority

Forecast February 12th, 2021

Gross Day ahead across the state. Happy Friday, North Carolina! Today will probably be one of the worst weather days of 2021 so far; we will start out with clouds, skies, and scattered showers, isolated freezing rain north and west early, followed by just clouds and scattered drizzle. As we will have a cold air damming (CAD) setup, we will see low clouds and even some fog across the state. Temperatures will only move about 2-3 degrees with highs in the 30s to 40s across the state, as high pressure to the northeast supplies cold air. I think most of the rain will clear this morning and will just leave scattered drizzle through the afternoon, as we have a break between systems. So if you need to get outside, you can; just be prepared for cloudy skies and damp conditions. Our next system will roll into the state this evening, allowing for widespread rain to overspread the state mainly after nightfall.