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A busy weather week is ahead for NC from winter weather to flash flooding, this article will cover the winter weather side. It is a cold and rainy Sunday across NC today, with even heavier rain coming later tonight.

WHAT: A complex low pressure system will approach from the southwest on Tuesday, with precip spreading into the state on Tuesday afternoon/evening. Models have trended colder with low-level thermal profiles across the Piedmont and western NC on

Tuesday evening/night. In fact, we may see a period of rain/mixed with snow across the Piedmont, foothills, and mountains Tuesday night. However, little impacts are expected at this time, with temps expected to remain just above freezing during this time frame. The only reason I am even mentioning the potential for winter weather on Wednesday morning is that the models due to extremely bad forecasting CAD events. Also known as cold air damming when cold air backs up against the mountains and gets trapped in the Piedmont and Foothills. Warm along the coast begins erodes in on the cold air, but because cold air is so dense it takes a long time. The warm does eventually make its way from southeast to northeast, thus during winter events, the models forecast it extremely poorly. At this point, still not expecting anything more than a nuisance event early Wednesday in areas in Pink on the map below.

A widespread winter storm is not expected at this time, Stay tuned for more updates! Due to message problems on the website please message on the Facebook Page North Carolina's Weather Authority. This is a very complex system, with CAD events models do very horribly forecasting such thing. 1-2 degrees in temperatures on Wednesday make all the difference, also we could end up seeing nothing. Heavy rainfall is a bigger concern stay tuned for an update regarding that.



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