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The potential for a Winter Storm to impact NC is increasing, a pre-Christmas snowfall is looking possible for some parts of NC this weekend. Don't get your bread and milk yet. Many ingredients are coming together to allow for a Winter Storm this weekend across NC, a cold high pressure to our north and a developing coastal low to the south are prefect for a winter storm NC. Just how those ingredients come together will ultimately impact our storm. It looks to be a classic setup for the Carolinas, with cold air to the north, and a wet system moving in from the south in the Gulf. The questions, of course, are what track will it take, how much cold air is available, what type or types of precipitation will we see, and how much. These details will be tough to nail down until we get a little closer, but just know that some messy winter weather is a possibility for Saturday and Sunday in some parts of NC.

This will be a Miller "A" storm meaning a coastal low will ride along the Gulf coast and ride up the east coast. There will be a sharp cut off where snow or just a cold rain falls. Above is the current thinking of the best area to see snowfall this weekend!

Conclusion: This system is still out over the Pacific, while models are showing snowfall over NC this weekend. Until this storm gets over California which will allow data to be collected, how wet, the exact track all make huge differences regarding snow in NC. For those of you who like to look at long range models for snow accumulations, remember this: No matter how "promising" models look this far out, they rarely verify, therefore our official snowfall map is still days away. Everything is on the table, it is likely we will see wet weather just what it is still developing. Keep checking back for updates throughout the week on our Facebook page and Website! Next update tomorrow sometime!


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