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Wednesday, June 1st Tropical Update; Tropical Depression likely to develop in the Gulf soon

Today is the first day of Hurricane Season and we're off to a quick start, on Wednesday evening The National Hurricane Center continues to monitor an area of low pressure off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. This low-pressure area is part of the remains of Hurricane Agatha from the Pacific Ocean. I expect this system to move into the Gulf of Mexico over the next day or so, where the National Hurricane Center gives it an 80% chance of development. It will continue to move north and east towards South Florida as a Tropical Depression of Storm; the overall steering pattern takes it towards Florida regardless of development. I expect heavy rainfall, gusty winds, and Flash Flooding in parts of Florida be aware if you're there or traveling there. Right now, it does not appear it will be a Hurricane; the conditions are not that favorable due to high shear. After Florida, the system will move east into the Atlantic Ocean, and it will likely be picked up by a front that will keep it away from NC. It is a low threat as of now to NC for direct impacts, but some indirect effects of High Surf and Rip Currents are likely this weekend into next week. As I've done for the past 6 years, I'll watch the system until it is north of NC or no longer there, but for now, I am not worried about it directly hitting us; no models show that.



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