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Tropical Update: New area to watch off the coast

🌀 Tropical Update: It is a new day with more areas to monitor for Tropical Development over the next seven days. On Saturday evening, the National Hurricane Center was monitoring two areas for possible development. One was located in the southwest Gulf of Mexico and has a 60% chance of development. Regardless, this system will not impact North Carolina.

Area two is located off the Southeastern United States, and is new as of today; this is not related to the Invest 90L that brought some increased surf and Rip Currents to the NC coast. An area of low pressure could form by the middle part of next week

a few hundred miles northeast of the central Bahamas. There is some potential for some slow development from this system over the next 5-7 days, and a Tropical Depression or Storm could form off the SE United States Coast at some point this week. Right now, nothing to really worry about here in North Carolina, but due to the close proximity to the NC coast, we should keep a watchful eye on it. A few models develop this and move it west to the north-westward over the next few days. Since the system has not even developed, there is little data on it, and model data should be taken with a grain of salt. There is high pressure to the north, and the strongest system would be sent more northward towards the Carolinas while a weaker system would head into Florida and Georgia.

As normal, I'll be watching this, and you can expect daily updates on this system over the next few days. There is nothing to panic about, and it could very well be nothing. We're in a time when we should remain alert regardless.



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