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Tropical Update: National Hurricane Center tags a Tropical Wave for potential development

On Thursday evening, the National Hurricane Center was monitoring a tropical wave in the Atlantic Main Development Region. It is very early for a tropical wave that comes off Africa to develop; this usually doesn't happen until August-October. In fact, waves have only developed a handful of times over the past 40 years from this area in June. Disorganized showers and thunderstorms continue showing some signs of organization; the National Hurricane Center says environmental conditions could be conducive for development. A Tropical Depression could develop early next week; I will monitor it, but nothing to worry about as of now. Historically, this is very rare, but honestly, at this point, anything is possible. It is Hurricane Season; we live in a state prone to hurricanes, so we need to be ready all season regardless. I'll keep you posted until the system is gone as usual, but no need to panic or anything like that. The NHC gives the wave a 40% of development over the next 5 days.



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