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The Potential for a Winter Storm to affect NC this weekend continued to increase overnight but not confirmed, with support of many models I am confident enough to expand the potential for snowfall map. It now includes the western Triangle basically areas i85 corridor north and west. Many ingredients are coming together to allow for a Winter Storm this weekend across NC, a cold high pressure to our north and a developing coastal low to the south are prefect for a winter storm NC. Just how those ingredients come together will ultimately impact our storm. It looks to be a classic setup for the Carolinas, with cold air to the north, and a wet system moving in from the south in the Gulf. The questions, of course, are what track will it take, how much cold air is available, what type or types of precipitation will we see, and how much. These details will be tough to nail down until we get a little closer. Let me remind you, many snowfall amounts maps are being rapidly shared. Snowfall maps greater than 3 days out are simply wrong, no one knows how much snow or ice will fall yet. As always I’ll have updates everyday and expert tracking throughout the duration.

Here’s a guideline of our forecast: Wednesday- make or break day Thursday- First Call Snowfall map Friday Second or maybe third call, everyone panics Saturday- Final call Saturday Night- Event begins..


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