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Scattered Storms return for the weekend!

Hey folks, I am being inundated with questions about the forecast for Saturday. It seems everyone has an outdoor plan this weekend. Unfortunately, our weather pattern will turn rather active over the next few days. Saturday scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely across the Western part of the state at any point in the day Central and Eastern NC will see storms hold off for the most part until the afternoon and evening. Nowhere will be a washout, but hit-or-miss storms are likely statewide, the highest coverage will be mainly west of Raleigh with just isolated storms for Eastern and Coastal NC.

Unfortunately, weather forecasting is only so good, and we can't pinpoint exactly which town will see storms at a certain period of time. The Bottom Line is there is a very high chance that folks from Raleigh West will see some rain at some point on Saturday, especially in the afternoon and evening. The good news, severe weather is not expected. Just gusty winds and heavy rain will accompany these storms/showers. So, if you have an outdoor plan this weekend have a plan B in place too.


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