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Rogue Wave Results in Chaos and Injuries Along Ventura Coastline

A "rogue" wave wreaked havoc along the Ventura coastline on Thursday, crashing over a seawall and plunging the area into disarray. The unexpected surge not only inundated the vicinity but also swept bystanders and vehicles down the street, resulting in eight individuals being swiftly transported to the hospital, as confirmed by a spokesperson from the Ventura County Fire Department via social media.

Before the incident, the National Weather Service in the Bay Area had issued a High Surf Warning, warning the public of the potential of "very dangerous" waves, some as high as 40 feet.

In response to the heightened surf conditions, the Santa Cruz Fire Department issued an urgent advisory, prompting closures of Santa Cruz Wharf, Main Beach, and Cowell Beach. Low-lying areas along West Cliff witnessed flooding, with debris crashing ashore amid substantial waves reaching heights of 25 to 30 feet, according to the National Weather Service. Authorities are cautioning residents of rip currents, storm surges, and "sneaker" waves in the Santa Cruz area, urging everyone to remain indoors and away from the coastline for safety.

A video of the incident can be found below. Please note: This video is not censored and contains strong language. Credit: Ryder Christ (@RyderChristNews on X)

A High Surf Advisory remains in effect until 6PM pacific-time this evening, warning of "large breaking waves of 15 to 19 feet". A Coastal Flood Advisory remains in effect until 2PM pacific-time this afternoon, warning of "minor coastal flooding".

The NWS warns of impacts of flooding of lots, parks, roads, dangerous swimming conditions and localized beach erosion.



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