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Overnight Severe Weather Possible

10:37PM Round Two Storms Update: Good evening all; it has been a very busy day across parts of the state and the Tennessee Valley. Luckily across NC the weather has died down for the time being. Unfortunately, it looks like at least part of North Carolina will see a line of showers and thunderstorms that will impact parts of the Mountains, Triad, Charlotte Area, and the Pidmount late tonight into the early morning hours on Thursday. I don't think the severe weather threat will be as widespread as earlier today, but a couple of strong to severe storms remain possible overnight.

A thunderstorm complex over Tennessee will move into the NC mountains over the next few hours and further east through the morning hours.

Threats: A couple of strong to severe storms are possible overnight basically for most areas, West of Raleigh have the potential through about 8AM, ending west to east through the morning hours. If you're watching from Raleigh east, the threat of storms will occur mainly after sunrise on Thursday. Damaging winds and large hail, along with heavy rainfall, will be the main threats with a couple of storms, but the tornado threat is not completely 0. If you're across parts of the Mountains, Foothills, Charlotte Area, Triad, to about Raleigh make sure you have a way to get warnings just in case while you sleep.

In central and Eastern NC, a couple of storms are possible after sunrise on Thursday, but it looks more of a rain event with a break before maybe a couple more storms that will develop Thursday afternoon; more thoughts on that in the morning though. If you're reading this from Eastern/Coastal NC there is no reason to worry tonight while you sleep.


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