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Winter Storm update, the threat for a major winter storm is now looking almost a certain this morning. Now is a good time to start preparing for a major winter storm especially is you are west of the Triangle. We have 72 hrs to go but here's my 1st snowfall map. I fully expect to adjust this over the next 3 days, as we get more data from more models this afternoon.

Above is our first call snowfall, East of Raleigh this area is very uncertain Dusting to maybe an inch of snow and sleet

Light Blue area- 1-3" of snow and sleet more sleet and rain will mess up these totals here.

Purple area 3-6" of snow and sleet is expected

Blue 6-12" of snow is expect lots of travel problems here.

Pink 12-18"+ of snow is expected here.

This is our preliminary first call map, there is still considerable uncertainty regarding where the rain/ snow line sets up. Given that, now is the time to start preparing for a major winter event to occur in the next 72 hours..

A classic and potentially historic Winter Storm is now just days away from hitting NC. Now is the time to start preparing for power outages and to be stuck in your house for a few days, if you are from Greensboro and points west. A long duration event lasting from late Saturday through Monday afternoon very uncommon for NC more a Midwest storm! Due to this type of situation more impacts and higher totals than usual looks likely.

A classic setup for winter weather will settle in late-week. Cold high pressure to the north, with low pressure in the Gulf of Mexico. The tricky part is tracking it from there. It all about the track, there has been some more organization among the models today regarding the track but not enough. Below is my map of Precipitation types based on a verity of models of where snow, sleet mix or just rain will fall. I feel pretty confident that a Heavy snow will fall from Greensboro and points west this area will see a historic storm, power outages is expected with the heavy wet snow. East of Greensboro will be a battle ground of snow, sleet, and freezing rain and just plain rain. East of Raleigh will be mostly rain. The Triangle and points east, models remain very unsure exactly how the rain/snow line will set up or occur, some areas could see plain rain or snow. East of i95 sorry looks to be just plain old rain. This can change over the next few days as of right now this is the best map.

IMPORTANT FOLKS GREENSBORO WEST: This winter storm has the potential to be historic. Please have all of your necessities ready to go by Saturday. This is a dangerous storm. Even those who enjoy snow and winter know the fine line between a great snow and a disaster. This is leaning toward the later. It is imperative you have enough food and water to sustain yourself for 72 hours minimum. Have an alternate means of heating. Be sure not to bring grills, generators, or other fume producing items into buildings. Based on current models travel will not be able to happen in western NC. An high impact event is likely, now is great time to buy your bread and milk..


TIMING: West of Raleigh! - Dry Saturday morning - Earliest possible start time would be midday Saturday (if it starts before sunset, likely a rain/snow mix) - Most likely start time would be Saturday evening - Snow or snow/sleet mix Saturday night into Sunday - Wintry mix on Monday as the storm leaves

Below is where impacts are likely and possible, If you live in the mountains, foothills, and Triad don't get caught up in the snow/ice amounts right now. Trust me there is a high confidence it will be more than enough to cause significant impacts to travel and possibly power outages. So start putting together a winter storm plan there bread and milk is a yes there!

Our next major update will be later this evening, another snowfall map will also be posted. Stay with North Carolina's Weather Authority throughout the week trust in me I got you covered, Don't hesitate to message with questions on our Facebook page.


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