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Forecast Sept 7th, Wednesday: Storms for some cooler for others.

Two main weather features today, a trough and a cold front, will bring some changes to our weather. Happy Wednesday, North Carolina! A trough dropped through parts of the state overnight and is now stalled across the southern part of the state. Following that, areas from Raleigh north will notice a wind change; thhould allow for temps to stay in the low-mid 80s across northern portions of the state. Highs across the southern part of the state will be in the upper 80s to around 90°, a cold front will drop through the state tonight, bringing in some cooler and drier weather for Thursday. Today, I expect partly cloudy skies with some low level stratus clouds across the north. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop; the favored area will be across the southern portion of the state where the trough is. Storms could produce gusty winds and heavy rainfall, and an isolated storm could be severe with damaging winds. A few isolated storms are possible elsewhere, but the fav area will be across the southeastern part of the state, Fayetteville south and east.


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