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Severe Weather Update Thursday afternoon.

⛈️ Afternoon Storm Update: As we approach the noon hour, I am continuing to monitor the progression of our weather today. Based on the latest observational updates, I continue to see the risk of isolated strong to severe storms basically from Raleigh and Fayetteville west to about Hickory or so this afternoon in the red-circled area on the map below. 

If atmospheric conditions improve this afternoon, we could experience strong to severe storms in the red-circled area, with the primary threat being damaging winds. However, there is also a possibility of an isolated tornado threat. The greatest threat for any severe weather is in the red area circled below. The main threat would be damaging winds, but I can’t rule out an isolated tornado threat. Unfortunately, this setup is more of a wait-and-see if it happens. If you live in the area circled, I would stay weather aware mainly from about 4PM-10PM this afternoon and evening; there is no reason to panic. 

Elsewhere across the state, rain this morning along the coast should limit any severe weather threat, but an isolated strong storm east of the red-circled area can’t be ruled out as mainly a damaging winds threat. 


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