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Busy Wednesday ahead, the forecast will be busy.

Active weather day ahead with wide ranges in the temperatures across the state, the temperature range from Boone to Wilmington will be 29° today. Happy Wednesday, North Carolina! An area of low pressure along with another one across the mountains, also known as a "Miller B" system, will move through the state, mostly cloudy skies likely with precipitation anticipated. Freezing rain will be likely this morning through about 1 or 2PM from areas west of Durham to the Triad, Foothills, and parts of the mountains. The Freezing rain will switch to all rain by afternoon; some sleet is also possible. Further east from Durham east, any rain that falls will be non-winter weather and fall as all rain. It should not be a complete washout, but rain is possible, so have the rain gear ready. Temperatures will also be extreme highs along the coast, and Eastern NC will be in the 50s and 60s while the rest of the state will be stuck in the cold with 30s and 40s.



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