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Brief Period of snow possible Sunday morning for parts of NC, don't get your hopes out.

Say it ain't snow, yup, there's at least a greater chance than 0% of some snowflakes across parts of NC Sunday morning. I've had a lot of questions about this: don't go to the grocery store; no, you're not going to stuck in your house; no, this will not be a snow you can play in. The odds of seeing snow outside of the high country are low, but it is enough to post about. A cold rain is likely for most of the state; across northern NC from basically the Triangle north and west, there could be a brief period of snow mixed Sunday morning. The best chance is mainly across the high country of some brief accumulation up to 2"; outside of the mountains, ground temps are way too warm for any snow accumulation or impacts. The odds of seeing any snow are not that high, but in the blue area highlighted on the map, you could see some flakes mix in Sunday morning between 6AM-11AM; regardless, it'll be a cold, cloudy, and rainy Sunday statewide. No guarantees this will happen. I'm not that convinced this will happen; I give it about a 50% chance snow/sleet will definitely come down in the high country where the red outline is, but outside the mountains, the odds are not in our favor. However, if you're a snow lover in the area highlighted in blue, look out the window Sunday morning.



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