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Bitter Cold arrives for Friday through the Christmas Weekend

Brace yourself Arctic blast arrives today, temps will crash 20-30° through the day. Happy Friday, North Carolina! The Arctic cold front is rolling through the state this morning; temps will crash from west to east through the morning. Below is the afternoon "high temps" the high temperature officially occurred early this morning, but for better understanding, here's what the 3PM temps should look like. I expect temperatures to fall throughout the day and until the overnight; most areas will remain below freezing until Sunday afternoon, and some areas until Monday. A few showers are possible early this morning; some snow is possible in the mountains. I expect clearing skies which will lead to mostly sunny skies by the afternoon.

Key Points:

Temps crash through the day, and dangerous Wind Chills by this afternoon and overnight.

Don't forget your pets BRING THEM INSIDE

Winds will be gusty wind gusts up to 50MPH across the state; some down trees and power outages are expected.

Lots of questions about the roads; I expect most areas outside of the mountains to be fine high winds will dry, and any roads that are wet before they freeze. Some icy roads are possible in the mountains.


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