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Tropical Update May 31st, 8 PM Update

The first day of Hurricane season begins tomorrow, and it is roaring in. On Tuesday evening, the National Hurricane Center was monitoring an area of distributed weather near the Yucatan Peninsula partially related to the remains of Hurricane Agatha from the Pacific Ocean. This system is expected to move into the Gulf of Mexico over the next few days; the National Hurricane Center gives it a 70% chance of becoming a Tropical Depression over the next 5 days. The system will move north and east towards Florida; high model disagreement remains, but the overall steering pattern takes it toward Florida. Regardless of development, very high rainfall and gusty winds are in store for parts of Florida later this week. After Florida, it could end up in the Atlantic Ocean off the Southeastern US. It is too soon to know where it will go from there, but early indications are it would stay off the NC could but could bring some increased Rip Currents and High surf if that happens. I'll monitor; this is what I've done for the past 6 years and will continue as always. You can trust me to keep you posted on the tropics as I've always done.


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