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The rain has finally stopped for the time being across NC, which has brought beautiful weather. Hopefully, you were able to enjoy some of it this weekend, if not you have the whole week ahead to get outside and take in some sun. The weekend could be interesting read the bottom of the post for info regarding potential winter weather!

If you are a winter weather lover here's good news! After Monday and Tuesday the pattern will significantly change, highs in the 50s on Wednesday, then Thursday and Friday 40s and 30s. The first widespread freeze in over a week will occur Wednesday night!

No rain is expected the entire work week other than a passing shower Monday night will be very light!

Here are the weekly forecasts, read the bottom of the page for snow info!


Many of you have sent messages regarding winter weather for next weekend. Let's start with any forecast that you see 6 days away is wrong. Pages believe in hyping the situation here that will not happen, however, there is the chance of winter weather this weekend. Yes, watching the potential for some winter weather next weekend. There is the potential we could see rain/snow and sleet-- but it's way too early to talk much.

At this time we don't seem to have a lot of moisture to work with, it could just as well be dry on Saturday or we could be seeing winter weather. Given the past, warm weather and few days below freezing soil temps are very warm. IF snow does fall it would melt which would bring down amounts, there is lots of things to iron out before then!

Bottom Line:

-Dry week ahead -Weak low-pressure system Saturday/Sunday

- IF cold enough could see Winter Weather including snow/sleet and ice

-Limited moisture looks likely so amounts will be light compared to the last storm

- Updates to come throughout the week don't worry, I got you covered.

-Don't fall for Hype stick to the experts.

For now, enjoy the sunshine!



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