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Evacuation Tips

Creating an evacuation plan BEFORE the storm arrives is vitally important for you and your family.


Before evacuating you can:

  • Make a plan: Create a family emergency plan and an emergency communication plan. Include transportation and identify places to go, such as a friend's home or motel, that can accommodate pets if needed.

  • Secure your home: Lock all doors and windows, unplug appliances, and turn off water mains and valves if a hard freeze is expected.

  • Gather supplies: Pack essential items like food, water, clothing, emergency supplies, insurance and financial records, prescriptions, a first aid kit, and a flashlight. Also consider packing bedding, special equipment for family members, and comfort items for children. For a complete list, check out our "Creating our Hurricane Kit" page


Before evacuating you can:

  • Leave early: Evacuate immediately and follow recommended routes.

  • Stay safe: Wear sturdy shoes and protective clothing, like long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. If you're evacuating a building, use the stairs and exit through the nearest door with an EXIT sign. Steer clear of hazards and don't re-enter the building without an "all clear".

Stay in Touch!

Let your family emergency contact know where you're going and check in with family and friends to make sure they're ready

When you arrive

If you're going to a shelter, let staff know about any special needs. When you return home, use caution and watch for dangers.

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