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Thursday, December 31st, 2020 Forecast

Ugly weather end to 2020, but isn't that just fitting? Happy Thursday and the last day of 2020, North Carolina! The weather will defiantly not be very nice today for any outdoor plans, unfortunately. This morning we will have areas of fog followed by scattered showers likely this morning and through the afternoon. At some point this afternoon, the state should see a nice break of the rain, followed by more rain through the evening. The coverage will be about 50% of the state through the day; I think there will be many areas that stay pretty dry while others see more rain; it is that hit or miss type of rain.

Temperatures are another challenging thing; we're still in the Cold Air Damming/Wedge; it appears temperatures should warm into the 60s across parts of Eastern and Coastal NC. However, to the west, I've opted to go lower than most model guidance due to the fact that wedges are notorious for slowing warming, and models are a warm bais on this type of setup. So I've taken about 3-4° off for most locations highs should range in the upper 40s to low and mid-50s across most of the state with 60s to the east. I can't rule out some temperatures being slightly higher or lower, forecasting is a science, and I am going with experience rather than modeling for temperatures today.

If you have anything outside this evening, I would have a plan B in place due to rain.

Happy New Year; I know this year has been rough for many, but thank you for continuing to follow and support the page. I hope we can all look forward to a brighter year ahead weather-wise and everything.


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