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March 1st, 2021 Forecast

The First Day of March, today will be a backwards day; take note, don't be caught by surprise temps will be the warmest this morning. Happy Monday, North Carolina! In true March fashion, we will have a strong cold front that will pass through the state, as March is known for cold fronts. We will start the day rather mild with temps in the 50s/60s and even 70s by late morning across the east, but that will not be the case starting from west to east late morning into the afternoon and evening. As the cold front works through, temperatures will drop for most of the state by mid-late afternoon temps will be in the 40s and 50s; some parts east might be warmer depending on how fast the front clears. So plan for colder temps; if you leave work or have plans this afternoon and evening, take a jacket with you. The temps below on the map represent the morning highs as our highs will occur quickly this morning before temps fall throughout the day. Today will be mostly cloudy with showers; likely should not be too much rain, but rain likely this morning from Raleigh west and expanding east by the late morning into the afternoon. The rain should end from west to east through the afternoon and evening, so not a complete washout but really not a nice day.


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